A smart online ordering platform directed from your website

Avoid giving business to third-party apps. Own your online ordering experience with a branded and customizable platform at no cost.

Take advantage of an online ordering system branded to your business and a customizable menu at no cost to the restaurant.

Tailored to the way you do business

TapTapEat custom fits your online ordering to streamline orders from the customer to the kitchen. No out-of-the-box solution. And, we do it all at no cost to the restaurant. Why? Because we believe in giving you more time to focus on your business, staff, and customers.

We have a solution to meet all your customers’ needs.




Room Service


Product Features

  • Restaurant branded menu

  • Built for one or multiple locations

  • Order management tools

  • Pickup, curbside and delivery options

  • Online ordering for catering

  • Print tickets directly to the kitchen

  • Order throttling

  • Customize lead times

  • Hide menu items
  • Payment processing – accept Apple and Google Pay

  • Daily/weekly/monthly specials

  • Delivery management – in-house or 3rd party services

  • Get tips on 3rd party deliveries

  • Tip divider tool

  • eCoupons

  • eGift cards

  • Rewards/Loyalty programs

  • Download reports

  • Access to customer data

Why choose TapTapEat’s Online Ordering platform?

Free to the restaurant

We make it easy for restaurants to offer online ordering at no cost. We do this by partnering with the restaurant and passing on a convenience fee to the customer.

Print to the Kitchen

No more tablets. We print online orders directly to the kitchen.

Delivery Integration

We offer best of both worlds. Manage in-house deliveries and/or  integrate with 3rd party delivery services at no additional cost, and you don’t pay a cent on commission orders.

Customer Service

We’re 100% US based. Call or text us, and if we see an issue with your online ordering or printer, we’ll call you.

Birthday Program

Offer a birthday program with discounts or a free menu item.

Rewards Program

Engage customers through a loyalty program designed to keep customers coming back.

No restaurant is too small or too big.

We care about every restaurant succeeding. That’s why we designed our online ordering to work for restaurants with one or more locations.

Online ordering built for growing your Catering

We specialize in custom online ordering fit for your catering business. Get custom menus, set lead times, offer delivery options, streamline orders with organized worksheets, and rest easy with a secure and reliable payment system.

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Boost sales and efficiency with TapTapEat’s POS system

Increase operating efficiencies through TapTapEat’s POS, or let us integrate with your Focus POS system. We make it easy to manage operating tasks and sales so you can ensure accurate, error-free reporting of data. Let us maximize the power of connectivity for a seamless solution.

Have a POS you want us to integrate with, let us know!

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Save 100% on transaction fees by going with TapTapEat

Maintain your margins and spend less time worrying about fees.